singapore oldest temple


Singapore’s oldest and first Chinese temple, Soon Thian Keing (顺天宫), is located at 19 Lorong 29 Geylang, Singapore 388070. A literal translation of the temple’s Chinese name is, “Obedience to Heaven”.

The temple was first built in 1812 at Malabar Street and this was even way before Sir Stamford Raffles founded Singapore in 1819. Fun fact, Malabar Street has now become an indoor air-conditioned street (now part of Bugis Junction).

In 1993, the temple relocated to its present location in Geylang and here are some photos of the temple’s architecture and intricate decor which I found rather fascinating and even inspiring.

Part of the 1902 stele that is still preserved in the temple today. It shows the main temple sponsors and major contributors to the temple’s building fund.
One of the four pillars of the temple with Chinese characters inscribed on it
Eight Immortals

The main deity of the temple is 福德正神 (also known as Tua Pek Gong/土地公) and there are many other deities such as 慈航真人 (also known as Goddess of Mercy/观音大士), 齐天大圣 (also known as the Monkey God), 赵公明 (God of Wealth), and 註生娘娘 (Goddess of Childbirth) that are housed in the temple as well.

The temple is open to members of the public and if you have not been there before, feel free to arrange a visit!